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Our references in web design and web development

Veggie Tobi - Vegetarian Cooking, Baking & More !

NewsTRACK | News, lifestyle & more: Our magazines at a glance !

We design custom websites according your wishes -
design, user experience and contents are as unique as your company !

Picture this...

Web design and web programming - that's what we can do !Just click on one of the logos to visit the latest live version of the website !

We are also responsible for handling the contents of these reference projects (including copywriting and photo shootings). This includes regular maintenance and updating of the content management system (usually WordPress).

An overview of current client references is available on request.

Webdesign means more for us than just "modifying a template" !

We provide consulting services for corporate clients, design simple business websites as well as complex shop systems, develop software and offer professional services for self-employed persons, freelancers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.Developing an individually planned layout, with responsive design techniques in mind and taking care to all technical standards (to get the best user experience on all devices, including smartphones and tablets).

But we do much more than just the layout...

  • Copywriting, editing und proofreading services, translations
  • New design or updating of your corporate identity (e.g. company logo, colouring)
  • Developing software and web apps (e.g. shops and contact forms, CRM)
  • Delivering any kind of multimedia, including content license management (e.g. photos and videos)
  • Planning and implementation of marketing measures (like SEO, ad campaigns, social media integration and press releases)
  • ... and much more on request !

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