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End user license agreement for software products

We assure all users of unlicensed software immunity from prosecution provided that valid licenses are obtained immediately and also honor notifications leading to the clarification of property right infringements.

The unauthorized use is a criminal act that results in civil and criminal penalties !

Scope of license - commercial software products

The license includes the right to install and use copies of the software for a given number of users as defined in the license document or for domain names as defined in the license document on the appropriate hardware.

The license is unrestricted in terms of time and territory.

The number of concurrent users of the software may not exceed the number of acquired licenses.

Scope of license - software products for trial and demonstration purposes

The software may be used for evaluation purposes based upon the terms stated in this document.

You are not entitled to receive updates or technical support services.

General license agreements

The license document you received acts as a proof of purchase. Lost license documents cannot be replaced.

You are entitled to create a backup copy of the software on a storage device of your choice.

Decompilation ("reverse engineering") or alterations done to the software is strictly prohibited.

The software is not intended to be rented (even free of charge), sold or integrated into third party products without our prior written agreement.

You are entitled to sell the license as a whole or transfer it to a legal successor.

In case of violations to this EULA, we reserve the right to terminate the provided license without prior notice. In this case, you are obliged to immediately stop using the software and to destroy any existing copies.

The software is licensed only, not sold.

The software is protected by international copyright law as well as other intellectual property laws and agreements. We are holding the ownership, copyright and other industrial property rights to the software.

We shall not be held liable nor can we guarantee that the software is free of errors. The software is intended for general-purpose use only. It is within your own discretion to perform periodic backups and data safety measures.

We are reserving all rights not explicitly granted in this EULA.

Technical support services included in the license

Support covers installation, configuration and use of the software for a time frame set in the license document, beginning at the date of purchasing the license. This service is provided at our sole discretion and does not imply any rights.

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