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Fighting against crime and software piracy !

By purchasing licenses of our software products only from legal sources, you support their steady development and enable us to provide quality products and services, not just today, but also in the future.

That's why we take the fight against software piracy and intellectual prroperty theft very seriously. These are major offences which have considerable civil and criminal consequences. Please be aware:

Software piracy is not a trivial offence and certainly not a friendly turn !

Intellectual property theft is a serious offence !

Validation of your own software licenses

The license key consists of these parts:

  • Key code - an alphanumeric string of variable length separated by hyphens.
  • Personal identification data (e.g. name, residence of license owner, registered domain name).

After your purchase, you will receive a license certificate containing your individual license key. Once the software was unlocked, any license information is also accessible through its user interface (see Assistance menu).

Unlocking the software automatically validates the license.

Please keep the license certificate you receive from us in a safe place. It is your proof of purchase and is required in the event of any dispute. Due to privacy and security reasons, lost license certificates cannot be replaced !

Report a potential fraud or copyright infringement

Our products are exclusively available in our online store or distributed by authorized dealers only. We appreciate any relevant information about suspect sources or employers using our products without owning the necessary number of licenses.

Please contact us as soon as possible by e-mail at

Your honesty will be rewarded !

It's a matter of course that we keep all incoming reports confidential towards your employer and civil authorities. Furthermore, we assure you that you will not be sued, regardless of how you were involved in the fraud.

In the case of a civil or criminal conviction, you will also receive an adequate financial reward.

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