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Bits & bytes are not enough - we offer so much more than just software

If you employ our software, you have decided to use a quality product. It was carefully developed by a team of professional programmers and interface designers who are also spending a great deal of time on continuous improvement.

Each license is shipped with the following advantages:

  • Fair software license, widely unrestricted and valid for a lifetime (see applicable terms for details).
  • Update service to receive improvements and bugfixes as well as all newly introduced features.
  • Prioritized technical support - just in case... covering all aspects of installation, operation and maintenance.

Our rapid release distribution model (variable development cycles)

Always be one of the first to take advantage of our latest developments: No more waiting for the next major release... as soon as we implement a new feature, you can use it right away.

Professional technical support - with a personal touch

Even though you may rarely need it, it's good to know that our technical support is available by e-mail whenever you ask for help. And a quick response time is a matter of course for us - incoming requests are usually answered within one day.

Our strategy for the future: Clear, fair, affordable !

Our software licenses are a good choice - today and in the future !All of our software licenses are lifetime licenses - this means that you can use the software for an indefinite period of time.

The availability of updates and bugfixes - including provision of new features - is limited, but will be guaranteed for a generous time frame after purchase (check out the product homepage for details).

Once the update and support period expired, you can renew your license key whenever you want. Just visit our online store and purchase a new key. It's as simple as that.

Doing so will make you to profit again from free updates and fast technical support. In this way, we can even satisfy the high demands of corporate customers concerning continuity and reliability in planning.

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