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Software distribution model "Shareware" - it's always good to try before

All software products are available for free evaluation !

Give software products a thorough try - before you buy !We offer a wide range of selected software products - our portfolio includes professional solutions for business use, great tools for leisure activities and exciting casual games.

Most software titles are available for different platforms. Just grab the one that is suited for yours and download the software package to your computer.

Now take any time you need to thoroughly test our software. No restrictions, no obligations. Promised. Do you like what you see ? Please visit our online store to buy a license. Shopping with us is fast, easy and convenient.

By the way, our software is "ready for use" without annoying configuration efforts. Just one click and it works. [And for the same reason, our apps are easy to uninstall - without any leftovers on your computer... absolutely risk-free - to really enjoy shareware.]

Our software is shareware - the idea behind this concept

You like our software ? Great, then tell it to the world (or whomever)... all evaluation releases can be shared with family, friends and colleagues - that's the heart of "share"ware: Try it before you buy it !

Using software has never been easier. Guaranteed.

  • Easy installation: Just download the software package from our server and start it with a simple double-click - ready to use in seconds.
  • Intuitive user iterface: Each software product is self-explaining to minimize the training period; for a "run it and understand it" feeling.
  • Convenient updates: As part of your license, you'll receive regular updates and get instant access to new features.

We make it so !

Our software is easy to use and perfectly tailored to your needs. Intuitive, ergonomically designed user interfaces give you the power to start working instantly while clear workflows will help to increase your personal productivity.

Good to know: Compared to traditional software products, our software never alters your computer's system files nor unexpectedly changes any settings and does not require to store files outside its own home directory.

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