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Cross-platform software development

Secure your investments in custom software solutions !

For most tailored software projects, we employ platform independent technologies. By doing so, we ensure that switching to another hardware architecture, operating system or localization in the future will be an easy matter.

In other words: During the entire software lifespan, you are free to choose any combination of operating system and hardware architecture supported by the cross-platform development system.

If you consider the total costs of ownership (TCO) caused by a custom cross-platform capable software solution, then you will notice that these are much lower than those of software developed the "old-fashioned way".

Rapid prototyping / Rapid application development

Simulation of user interface and workflow !

Rapid prototyping makes it possible to test all major parts of the software's graphical user interface (GUI) in an early development stage, even before a single line of the program logic has been coded.

By providing such prototyping tools, we support you during the planning phase to illustrate and optimize workflows. Since this increases the efficiency of the development process and increases the quality of the final product, rapid prototyping offers a substantial contribution to the software development process.

Insights gained from user feedback are another advantage of rapid prototyping. Implementing your wishes, requests and suggestions will not just have a positive impact on usability (software ergonomics), but will also increase user satisfaction and productivity.

Easy deployment

Install and manage software the easy way - corporate-wide !

  • Imagine that you download a software package (or take it from a removable storage device) and then easily start the program with a simple double-click - it will be ready to use instantly. Installation is fun - again !
  • Imagine that you update this software package by just copying the new version on top of the old one or even by using both releases at the same time on your computer. Quick and safe updates within seconds !
  • Imagine that you may even completely remove the software package from your computer by throwing it into the virtual recycling bin (or wherever you are used to). Uninstall software without harming your computer !

The advantage: Minimum installation efforts, time-saving and cost-effective maintenance.

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