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Media licensing and marketing - quality is our content

A shopping cart full of quality contents awaits you.We provide you with access to a large and constantly growing repository of quality content available for being used by third parties in various types of media:

Interesting articles, expressive images, audio recordings and video footage as well as infographics and charts.

Our content is professionally produced and always available on-demand, just right for your current needs. And by eliminating your own research and editorial work, you save time and money.

By the way, you acquire all rights directly from the author - fast, easy and legally safe.

Syndication services

Our media database covers a wide range of different categories and popular topics. And we make it fairly easy for you to incorporate our content into your own projects by offering custom solutions and clear license agreements.

Our portfolio at a glance

Currently, our syndication service and media licensing database can provide you with contents from these sources:

300+ photos and drawings   ⭑   200+ articles   ⭑   video and audio files

There is nothing like a good deal !

Do you plan a never-seen-before campaign or have a special-use scenario you need some content... We are looking forward to providing you with a custom offer that matches your individual requirements.

Or let's be clear: For more than just a few nice words and good-looking multimedia, please click here:

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