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STAR My Productivity Tools - utilities & apps designed for writers, programmers and power users

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It's a bare necessity... our suite of useful productivity tools made for pen pushers, nerds and all computer enthusiasts working a lot with office-based software, image editors or the Internet.

Expand the functionality of your computer !

Our toolbox consists of more than ten different apps and utilities making your everyday computer work easier, increasing your productivity and helping you to get things done faster.

The selection window to start apps is waiting in the background - either minimized or as a special slider-typed window that appears only when you touch an edge of your screen.

The toolbox designed for frequent writers and programmers

Use the history log of our smart clipboard to access previous entries whenever needed. And the snippet app replaces not just sticky notes but gives you access to memos, text excerpts and source code snippets.

The toolbox designed for creative people and professionals

You will surely like the ruler to measure any objects on your computer screen, the conversion utility and the stopwatch for billing purposes - anything else needed ? Just get the apps that match your individual workflow !

The toolbox for everybody

Guess, you will definitively discover "one more thing" you find useful. Give our desktop productivity suite a try of your own - test all features for an indefinite period of time - see download links at the end of the page...

Address book

Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Address book

"The" address book that keeps your private and business contacts.

Highlights at a glance

  • Photo list and full-text search available
  • Freely configurable database fields
  • Reminds you of birthdays


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Data

An app for anything you can do with text-based data (and some more things).

Highlights at a glance

  • Extract e-mail addresses and URLs from any kind of texts
  • Perform search and replace operations (regular expressions supported)
  • Convert tables and find duplicate entries


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Calendar

Your traditional monthly calendar to manage appointments and anniversaries.

Highlights at a glance

  • Make appointments and set up annual events like birthdays or wedding days
  • Get notified about upcoming events


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Conversion

Convert between different units and calculate hash values of files and text strings.

Highlights at a glance

  • Have often used conversions at hand
  • Auto-convert local clipboard contents
  • Hash calculator to test the integrity of downloaded files


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Ruler

Semi-transparent ruler to measure any kind of objects on your screen

Highlights at a glance

  • Choose from multiple measurement units
  • Rulers can be moved freely
  • Set measurement points and lines


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Passwords

Use this app to keep your credentials and passwords on a safe place.

Highlights at a glance

  • Organize user accounts clearly, group and search feature provided
  • Get reminded to regularly update your passwords
  • Strong data encryption


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Snippets

Bring order to your creative chaos - our "sticky notes"-like text editor helps you to organize any kind of texts and writings.

Highlights at a glance

  • Just works like a sticky note
  • Use categories and full-text search
  • Suited for creative writing purposes and collecting texts during research


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Timing

Not just for billing purposes and time keepers: Stopwatch, alarm clock & countdown in one.

Highlights at a glance

  • Run multiple instances of the timing app
  • Measure lap times
  • Pause function


Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app URLs

Are your websites online ? Validate URLs, retrieve header data and contents of webpages.

Highlights at a glance

  • Extract URLs from any kind of text files
  • Retrieve full HTTP header for analyzing
  • Check for insecure HTTPS protocols

Smart clipboard

Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - app Smart clipboard

This tool expands the functionality of your computer's built-in clipboard.

Highlights at a glance

  • Save text and image clips
  • Get access to previous entries
  • Create favorite groups to keep order

+ own apps & documents

Screenshot: STAR My Productivity Tools - selection window

Choose up to four own apps and documents being accessed directly from the selection window.


Screenshots are example illustrations; actual software design may vary. Click opens pop-up window.

Documentation and support

A comprehensive user guide is part of the software package.

All software products include unlimited complimentary support by e-mail (incl. prioritized support for 12 months after purchasing a license).

Every license allows access to updates (and new features !) for 12 months.

Interesting facts and how-to articles about STAR My Productivity Tools.

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Download the shareware edition of STAR Desktop Mailings and give our software a try by yourself !

Current release: MPT1979

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