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STAR My Data Safe - the virtual data safe to keep your data private and secure

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Protect sensitive information and confidential data from prying eyes... STAR My Data Safe is a strong data vault, simple text editor, virtual pinboard and outliner - all in one app.

Because security matters - take back control of your privacy and make it your decision with whom you share your data.

There are endless possibilities on how to use STAR My Data Safe: Gather ideas, write down personal notes, save access data, draw up concepts, archive copies of documents; just do whatever you have in mind.

Many useful features are built-in, like the ability to store document files and hyperlinks. In combination with our universal all-purpose database approach, even novice users can now organise any kind of sensitive information quickly.

Highlights at a glance

Strong data encryption - just made easy...

STAR My Data Safe implements strong AES encryption in combination with a robust SQL database engine which is considered as one of the most reliable standards currently available.

And it's simple to work with: After you've created a project file, just set your own individual password. Encryption (and decryption) of data is done automatically in the background while you are using the software.

Your personal data vault - for the cloud and beyond

STAR My Data Safe creates a single-file container that holds all project's contents. So sharing confidential data with other people becomes a straightforward task, even through insecure public networks.

Your sensitive data is always protected against unauthorized access by third parties.


Screenshot: STAR My Data Safe - the virtual data safe to keep your data private and secure

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Documentation and support

A comprehensive user guide is part of the software package.

All software products include unlimited complimentary support by e-mail (incl. prioritized support for 12 months after purchasing a license).

Every license allows access to updates (and new features !) for 12 months.

Interesting facts and how-to articles about STAR My Data Safe.

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Download the shareware edition of STAR Desktop Mailings and give our software a try by yourself !

Current release: MDS1989

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