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Independent, technical quality inspection of your business website

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Website checkupYour website is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. Besides making a good first impression, it's important what's under the hood... site content and technical quality, just to name the two most important core values.

Modern websites are becoming increasingly complex, while at the same time great importance is attached to user-friendliness, standard conformity and reliability.

But to recognize the weaknesses (and the unused potential) of your own web presence is usually difficult. And this is where our website check-up comes into play.

General scope of a typical website checkup

  • Design and layout (e.g. style, layout framework, responsive design)
  • Navigation and user guidance (e.g. ergonomics, accessibility)
  • Content - texts, multimedia (e.g. language, fields of actions, relevance)
  • Marketing (e.g. suitability for target audience, corporate identity, brand development)
  • Technical implementation, code metrics (e.g. compliance, quality, privacy protection)
  • Including an individual appraisal for your website's domain

Improve your website for a great visitor experience !

Website checkupBy deciding for our website checkup service, you rely upon our long-standing experience in the fields of website design, software development and marketing. Furthermore, we are providing you with an absolutely independent expertise.

Each review comes with a comprehensive report that contains all results and findings of the audit. The documentation also includes concepts and solutions for eliminating weaknesses and step-by-step instructions to improve your website.

Our analysis always draws a holistic picture of your website. This includes checking the suitability of the content for your target audience and checking the relevant criteria for good indexability by search engines (SEO).

Many technical benchmarks are also part of our inspection catalog. For example, we perform a speed test on your website and closer look at the quality of programming and technical design, your website's standards compliance and compatibility on different platforms.

Good reasons for a website checkup

  • Learn more about the optimization potential of your current website - discover hidden potentials.
  • Collect ideas and suggestions for improvements before (re-)launching your site - get an other perspective.
  • Hear an expert opinion about your new site design concept - an unbiased opinion from a neutral party.
  • Get professional support during the development stage of your website - great for do-it-yourself webmasters.

How our website checkup is working - explained step by step...That's how it works...

1. Personal briefing

Together with our web designer you discuss all details of the checkup.

It's a matter of course that we take your individual preferences into account.

2. Now, it's our turn...

... we perform the website checkup with the previously agreed scope of services.

Most checkups take about a week to complete.

3. Reporting

We provide a comprehensive report that clearly documents all results.

Additional services

All suggested optimization measures can be done by our web designers on your behalf.

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