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Search engine optimization and submission service for your website

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Search engine marketingThe best and most cost-effective method to advertise your business on the Internet is to submit your website to search engines.

Especially with recently launched websites, it often takes a while until they have been indexed by search engines and appearing in the organic search results.

In addition, most websites also offer a high potential for optimization. With just a few changes, the visibility of your website to search engines can be significantly increased.

SEO checkup + Search engine submission = Success

Our service covers both aspects - a deep SEO checkup ("search engine optimization") to discover the full potential of your website and manual submission to most popular international search engines and web catalogues.

Once your website became indexed, search engine crawlers will regularly scan it. Search engines use these automated programs to regularly search the web for updates and new contents.

The position of your site in the organic search results depends mainly upon the quality of your website and its contents - that's exactly where search engine optimization starts.

Search engine marketing: An important chapter of your website's success story !

If you own a new website (or just registered another domain name), our service assists you in introducing your site to search engines in a shorter time and attracting more visitors right from the beginning.

On already existing websites, an SEO checkup is also of great importance: Search engines are known to update their crawling and indexing algorithms regularly. It's also possible that your website is showing some technical issues leading in losing precious traffic (visitors and potential new customers).

Our recommendation: Book our search engine marketing service for your business website annually (or each time releasing major site updates). So you can rest assured that your website meets the current requirements of search engines - and the ones of your visitors !

Discover for yourself: Example of a website's search engine marketing final report (download as PDF)

How our search engine marketing service is working...That's how it works...

1. SEO checkup of the website

The SEO inspection is performed by a web designer with many years of experience.

This task includes a thorough examination of the homepage as well as relevant subpages.

Particular attention is given to technical issues as well as weak site contents.

This approach is called "on-page SEO" and includes the following main fields:

  • Structure of the layout
  • Readability of the text contents
  • Alternative contents for multimedia
  • Code quality (meta tags, HTML compliance, best practices used)
  • And much more...

Depending on the type and content of the website, we carry out further individual checks.

2. Search engine submission

We submit your website to major search engines and web catalogues:

  • Google
  • Bing (including Yahoo, Lycos)
  • Exalead
  • RSS feeds: Ping-o-Matic / Feed Shark
  • ... more as required

[Last update: May 2018]

All submissions are done manually by hand to ensure highest transparency and reliable results.

The above mentioned operators (together with their affiliated search sites) have a global market share of over 90 % !

From now on the contents of your website will be indexed regularly by search engines.

3. Reporting

The comprehensive documentation includes:

  • Detailed results of the SEO checkup
  • Receipts to confirm the data transmission to search engines

The report also contains useful tips, practical recommendations and many other suggestions for improvement.

In a short amount of time, you are able to optimize your business website for search engines.

Additional services

All suggested optimization measures can be done by our web designers on your behalf.

We will also be at your side for all future marketing activities.

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