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Creatively designed, professional logos - made by a graphic artist

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Premium logo designWe design unique company logos, trademarks and brand names, icons, emblems and badges as well as signets, labels and seals - tailored to your requirements and preferences.

Our designers draw on many years of experience in the fields of graphic and web design. So you can rely on that your logo is made with a love for detail.

Logos that get stuck - in your company and in the minds of your customers !

Your logo - the most solid foundation for successful marketing

The personality of any company, product or service is strengthened in a positive way by using a meaningful logo showing truly creative quality artwork.

Our tailored logo designs are captivating in form, colour and functionality - as a lasting hallmark that will accompany your business for a lifetime.

We deliver the finished artwork in a vector graphics format as it is preferred by printing shops and suited for loss-less processing. You'll also receive several variants in bitmap format (e.g. for your website, online newsletters or similar).

Your logo is yours and stays yours - exclusive license of use

Our artwork comes with a fair license that is unrestricted in terms of time and territory also including the right to freely modify the design and to use it for any kind of commercial purposes.

It's a matter of course that you can also transfer these rights to other people or organizations and even share them (like shared use of a logo or for reselling it to own clients). Please compare our generous scope of rights with those of other designers and agencies.

Get your own logo absolutely risk-free: Our money-back guarantee

It should never happen, but... what if you don't like our designs ?

Well, you shouldn't worry about: In such a case, we cancel your order absolutely free of charge without urging you to pay anything. Promised.

Conditions of the money-back guarantee: The guarantee expires as soon as you accept a design draft or request changes. If we agree to cancel your order, you are disallowed to use or modify our designs (in part or full) of your own or by third parties.

Our references - we created these logos

How to get your own individually designed logo - explained step by step...That's how it works...

1. Personal briefing

Our designer will discuss the basic appearance and necessary details of your logo.

It's a matter of course that we consider your own ideas and any sketches you made.

Or let us surprise you with some creative artwork of our own.

2. Design & correction runs

We create up to three design proposals for your custom logo - based on your requirements.

Select the draft which you like the most...

... or tell us your change requests and we will modify it according your wishes.

We do so until you are totally satisfied.

Unlimited number of correction runs !

3. The finished artwork

You will receive your new logo as standard vector and bitmap format for free use.

Additional services

We design advertising materials such as business cards, stationery and company signs.

We update your website and create custom advertising banners - a great base for letting your customers identify with your new logo.

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