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Professional domain appraisal services

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Domain appraisalsEvery appraisal is personally researched and written by a computer scientist with many years of practical experience in the fields of information technology and marketing. That's why you can rely on our independent expertise.

We use a transparent methodology combined with statistical and mathematical valuation models to get an accurate and objective evaluation of your domain's real valiue.

Our appraisals are objectively written from a professional point of view to reflect the actual market value of your domain !

Basic components of a domain name appraisal report

  • Linguistic perspectives (like grammar, syntax, and phonetics)
  • Technical criteria (e.g. top-level domain)
  • Status of the domain (e.g. age, current use)
  • Future use scenarios (including short evaluation of prospects)
  • Suitability of the domain as marketing instrument (e.g. advertising effect, branding, target groups)
  • Analysis of trends (e.g. future performance, chances)

Get a profound evaluation: Our detailed, multi-page appraisal report lists all value-determining factors of the domain in a clear and comprehensible way. In addition to the current market value, you will also receive an assessment of the future development potential.

Discover for yourself: Example of a domain's appraisal report (download as PDF)

Good reasons for a domain appraisal

There are many reasons for getting a domain assessed, for example:

  • Selling your domain name - have a powerful sales argument of an independent expert.
  • Buying a domain name - to get a reliable estimation of the actual market price.
  • In case of legal and tax matters as proof of your domain's value.
  • A realistic evaluation of your company's own domains as part of the asset valuation of your company.

Our recommendation: Get your domains' appraisals updated every year - this provides you not just with reliable information on their value but also enables you to react promptly to market changes.

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