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Independent, technical quality inspection of your business website

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Your website is the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy. Besides making a good first impression, it's important what's under the hood... contents and technical quality, just to name the two most important core values.

Today's websites and web-based apps are becoming more and more complex while at the same time usability, standards compliance and reliability are essential to compete on the market. But it's difficult being aware of one's own website's weaknesses.

General scope of a website checkup

  • Design and layout (e.g. style, layout framework, responsive design)
  • Navigation and user guidance (e.g. ergonomics, accessibility)
  • Contents - texts, multimedia (e.g. language, fields of actions, relevance)
  • Marketing (e.g. suitability for target audience, corporate identity, brand development)
  • Technical implementation, code metrics (e.g. compliance, quality, privacy protection)
  • Including a malware check of your website and a security vulnerability inspection of your mail server

Put your website to the test !

By deciding for our website checkup service, you rely upon our long-standing experience in the fields of website design, software development and marketing. Furthermore, we are providing you with a truly independent expertise.

Each review comes with a comprehensive report that contains all results and findings of the audit. The documentation also includes concepts and solutions for eliminating weaknesses and further improving your website.

We think it's important to create an overall picture of your website. This includes a suitability check on your contents ensuring that they match your target audience as well as a validation of relevant criteria determining the readability of your contents by search engines (SEO).

In addition, many technical benchmarks are also part of our inspection catalog. We perform a speed test on your website and have a closer look at the quality of programming and technical design, your website's standards compliance and compatibility on popular platforms.

Good reasons for a website checkup

  • Learn more about the optimization potential of your current website.
  • Collect ideas and suggestions for improvements before (re-)launching your site.
  • Hear an expert opinion about your new site design concept.
  • Get professional support during the development stage of your website.

How our website checkup is working - explained step by step...

Step 1: Order & briefing

Buy this service online...

Start by placing an online order for a website inspection service with us.

Personal briefing

Our web designer is going to discuss all details of the website checkup.

It's a matter of course that we take your individual preferences into account:

Should we give special attention to the layout and readability of the contents ?

Should we set focus on technical aspects (e.g. accessibility to search engines and browser/platform compatibility) ?

Or are both areas of equal importance for your business website ?

Step 2: Checkup

Now it's our turn...

We are closely evaluating your website, searching for weaknesses and vulnerabilities according to our service guidelines.

In addition, we determine the potential for improvements and summarize our findings in a comprehensive written report.

Please allow some time for completing this step:

Most checkups take about one week to finish.

Questions ?

Don't hesitate to let us know any questions and remarks you might have during the checkup.

Step 3: Reporting

Checkup results are available

The checkup is complete... you will receive a comprehensive documentation !

The report is going to explain all found weaknesses and providing methods to fix and optimize your website:

Our reviews are written as detailed as required, but as understandable as possible.

Many useful tips and easy to follow instructions will help you to implement our recommendations in a short amount of time.

Additional services

All suggested optimization measures can be done by our web designers on your behalf.

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