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Individual IT support solutions - always available at your fingertips !

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IT helpdesk on-demand:

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The daily business is full of challenges. In order to work successfully and to achieve even your most ambitious goals, it's essential that you can rely upon your IT systems. Or have a reliable partner standing on your side.

Our team of IT, Internet, marketing and communication experts is working just for you - whenever you need us !

Experienced computer scientists are solving your IT-related problems, regardless, big or small ones. And we are also taking care to your employees' computers, smartphones and other gadgets used for business.

Virtual on-demand assistance - real support

We answer questions on popular application software, help you to protect your network and find the best backup strategy for valuable data. After a system crash, we restore your computer to get your business up and running again.

We update your website and maintain your web server on a regular base. If it's time for something new, we provide you with vendor-independent purchase advice for hard- and software.

We find the right words for sales copy and business correspondence (copywriting, ghostwriting), help you to avoid confusion and misunderstandings (proofreading, stylistic editing, translations) and support your marketing activities.

We... well, this list could be continued endlessly. Or to put it in a nutshell:

If you need an IT, Internet, marketing or communication expert - we are there for you !

Special requests ? No problem ! :-)

Do you think about using our helpdesk services on a regular base or need guaranteed response time for every request ? By signing a custom support framework agreement, you are prepared for future challenges. Please contact us !

How to use our IT helpdesk service - explained step by step...

Step 1: Send inquiry

Click on the button "Request free quote..." and follow the on-screen instructions.

Urgent job to do... give it to us !

In urgent cases, just call us by phone.

By the way, regular customers will have their own designated contact person.

Step 2: Accept offer

We contact you to discuss all job details and provide you with additional information.

If we can take over your requested task, you will get a fixed-price quote immediately.

Our promise

There is no risk or obligation. If you decide not to use our services, there will be no fees due !

Step 3: Everything's done !

Sit back and relax (or take care of your daily business), while we are working for you.


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