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Professional domain appraisal services

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Every appraisal is personally researched and written by a computer scientist having long-standing practical experience in the fields of information technology and marketing. For this reason, you can rely upon our independent expertise.

By analyzing a domain name, we are using transparent methodology as well as statistical and mathematical valuation models to get an accurate and objective evaluation of your domain's real value.

Our appraisals are objectively written from a professional point of view to reflect the real market value of your domain !

General scope of a domain name appraisal report

  • Linguistic perspectives (like grammar, syntax, and phonetics)
  • Technical criteria (e.g. top-level domain)
  • Status of the domain (e.g. age, current use)
  • Future use scenarios (including short evaluation of prospects)
  • Suitability of the domain as marketing instrument (e.g. advertising effect, branding, target groups)
  • Analysis of trends (e.g. future performance, chances)

In addition, our report includes two key indices - the sales rating index (SRI) and the chances rating index (CRI), which are intended to show the current marketability of the domain, respectively its future market potential.

Once completed, you'll receive a comprehensive report containing all results and findings of the evaluation combined with some general information about the domain name (including statistical specifications) to get a reproducible rating.

Good reasons for a domain appraisal

There are many reasons for getting a domain assessed, for example:

  • You sell a domain name and need a convincing sales argument from an independent third party.
  • You intend to buy a domain name and want a reliable estimation about the domain's real value.
  • You need a verification of your domain's value for legal and tax related matters.
  • You want to get an accurate asset evaluation of your business.

Our recommendation: Refresh your domain appraisal annually to get a seamless documentation of the domain's history and its future perspectives. By doing so, you are able to respond more flexibly to market changes.

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