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With the perfect partner, challenges turn into opportunities...

Professional IT solutions means success.Professional consulting, individual solutions and personal service - as your business partner, we employ today's information technology to support you in making your ideas and visions become a reality.

Our experts plan, organize and optimize business processes based on adaptive models, thus ensuring sustainable growth and transforming the complexity of your company into tangible competitive advantages.

Start into a bright digital future with innovative solutions. We have the right strategy, act ambitiously and are committed to one single goal: Making your company better than the competition !

Our portfolio of services focuses on three core competencies:

  • Consulting services dedicated to IT, Internet and marketing, corporate identity
  • Solutions for e-business and e-commerce
  • Integration of Internet and digital technologies into business processes
  • Seminars, training & coaching on the topics of IT and business

We turn challenges into opportunities by always standing on your side as reliable consultants - today and tomorrow.

Outsourcing of IT consulting and support services

We speak the language of information technology.By putting your IT department in our hands, we can help you to save time and money. Profit from our team's expert knowledge and efficient solutions targeted to your business - we are your single point of contact for all IT-related matters.

Fee-based consulting means independent consulting

We do not sell any products to make money. We earn our money by providing you with good advice - and this will only work in the long run if you are really satisfied... that's why your requirements are at the heart of our business !

Many consultants providing "free advice" are tied to specific brands earning commissions for their sales. We offer our services on a fee basis - so you can be sure to get the solutions with the most benefits, not such with the highest profit. On the long run, this saves money - your money.

We offer the following services:

  • Vendor-independent consulting and purchase advisory services (IT, office equipment)
  • Complete solutions for networks and IT infrastructure
  • Maintenance of hardware, software, Internet-based services and data protection systems

Seminars, training and coaching

Seminars, training, coaching - advanced education for IT and more.You live an learn, knowledge is power, only the one who knows carries the sword,.... there are a lot of clever proverbs about education. But we put these words into practice by supporting you to keeping your mind up to date !

Our courses impart basic knowledge that every IT user should have: Efficient operation of office software, web browsers and mail clients are on the timetable as well as IT security and privacy protection.

For advanced users we also offer seminars and trainings. No matter if it's about teaching programming, use of graphics and web design apps, marketing best practices or... just ask us for your desired topics.

Learning the easy way - it's your choice

With our services, you are not bound to fixed schedules, but decide flexibly: Do you prefer an in-house training at your office or want you leave it to us to find a suited location for a stress-free training experience ? Individual lessons and group training are available at any time.

Coaching - more than imparting knowledge: helping you to help yourself

Got a challenge in the areas of IT, communication, leadership or collaboration ? By assisting you in mastering difficult situations or solving problems in the best possible way, we offer custom consulting that really puts you at the heart of the solution.

Request a custom quote...

Are you ready to learn more about us - we support you in getting your IT projects up and running, help you to make workflows more efficient and are happy to share our experience and knowledge with you.

Or to put it more simply: We are always there for you ! Just one call or e-mail away:

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