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Help our customer service to serve you better !

We are trying to answer incoming requests as quickly as possible. And you can support us by providing this information together with your request:

  • Name of the software product, installed release, license key (priority support for customers owning an active license)
  • Operating system and computer platform
  • Description of the problem (including all steps and conditions that could have caused the error)
  • Optional: Excerpt from the software's log file (server error log, where applicable), copy of the configuration file

Please remember: A screenshot often says more than a thousand words.


The user guide ships with the software package and can be accessed from the "Assistance" menu of the software. On desktop software, just press the function key F1 on your keyboard to read the manual. The latest documentation is also available for download from the software product's homepage.

Please note that you need a PDF reader to open the handbook.

Software licenses

Information about your software license is available in the license certificate or can be retrieved from the "Assistance" menu within software.

Our software licenses are not tied to a particular system platform. However, it is illegal to use multiple instances of the software at the same time (even on different platforms) unless there has been a valid license obtained.

All of our software licenses are lifetime licenses - this means that you can use the software for an indefinite period of time. Updates are usually made available for a limited time period only, as specified in the license certificate:

During this period, your copy stays always up-to-date. After expiration, you can either keep using the software at its present stage or decide for renewing your license to get continued access to software updates and priority support.

You can suppress license renewal notifications by changing the settings in the software preferences window: Tab "Global Preferences", section "Software Update", unmark the appropriate checkbox.

Backups and data recovery

The easiest way is to copy the directories ./System and ./Workspace from inside the application folder to a backup device of your choice (like a CD, memory stick or external harddisk). By doing so, you'll always have a full copy of your personal settings and user data available.

In order to restore the data in case of damage, you just need to move back the archived snapshot of these folders (please ensure that the running program has been terminated and a broken software installation has been removed and re-installed before).

Solve problems associated with automatic update notifications

This feature requires an active connection to the Internet in order to work.

It's possible that an installed firewall is blocking the exchange of data between the software and our server. We are using ports 80 (TCP) and 443 (TCP) to communicate with our domain * In some cases, you need to put our domain or the app on your firewall's whitelist.

Alternatively, you can download the latest software release also directly from our website.

Reset the software settings to factory defaults

Unless stated otherwise in the specific documentation, you can reset your software installation by following these instructions...

General settings

Select the item "Reset to factory default settings..." from the "More tasks..." menu of the software preferences window. Alternatively, delete the ./System folder located within the application folder.

User-generated data

Delete the directory ./Workspace located within your application folder.

Uninstalling the software

Just remove the application folder from your computer or use the built-in uninstaller (availability depends on your operating system). Done. No system settings will be changed or files modified without your express consent.

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