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Support for our line of commercial software products

General resources

Product-specific resources

The documentation is part of the software package (see app's main menu entry "Assistance", for example).

Personal technical support services


Inquiries from customers owning an active license are handled with a higher priority. For this reason, please provide us with your license ID when sending a support request. You can find it at the assistance menu (e.g. "About this software") or on your license certificate.

We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible - usually within one business day. Promised !

How to use the license key to unlock your software...

Once you bought a software, you will receive the license key by e-mail (usually it is sent together as part of the invoice and license certificate). The license consists of several parts, like a combination of an alphanumeric string (key code), your name and residence.

In order to unlock your copy of the software, have a look at the "Assistance" menu to access the appropriate dialog window. Now just follow the instructions and type in the requested data from the license certificate. Your input is handled case-sensitive.

For validation purposes, a one-time connection to our server is established over the Internet. After that (it takes only a few seconds), the software becomes unlocked instantly and is ready to use

Your software license never expires - it's valid for a lifetime !

Please keep the license certificate in a safe place (printing recommended), because this is your proof of purchase and required for updating the software. Due to security and privacy reasons, it's impossible to replace lost license certificates.

Keeping your software up to date - free updates and bugfixes

Please use the "check for updates" feature of the software to search for new releases and available bugfixes. Alternatively, we offer the latest release also for being downloaded directly from the software product's homepage.

How to get paid updates and renew your existing license

All of our software licenses are lifetime licenses - this means that you can use the software for an indefinite period of time.

The availability of updates and bugfixes (including provision of new features) is limited, but will be guaranteed for at least six months after purchase. During this period, your software stays always up-to-date.

After expiration, you may wish to renew your license for continued updates and priority support services - at any time you like.

Do you want to renew your existing software license ? It just takes a few minutes - visit the homepage of your software product and click on the "Checkout..." button. Now follow the instructions on screen.

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