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Our weblog 2016

★ Make your everyday computer work easier !

We introduce STAR My Productivity Tools, our new productivity suite for your desktop.

Designed for frequent writers, programmers and power users, more than ten utilities and apps will help you to achieve new levels of productivity.

Interested in learning more about... Give STAR My Productivity Tools a free try ! Available for Windows PC and Mac.

★ Do you know the true value of your domain ?

Your company's domain name is an intangible asset which should also be recorded for accounting purposes.

And not just considering tax aspects - a meaningful domain may increase the value of your business considerably... this could be a strong argument for pending sales negotiations or loan financing.

Our individual domain appraisals are based upon statistical and mathematical valuation models, created by experienced IT specialists. Each report consists of reliable, reproducible analyzes providing all facts that influence your domain's value.

Read more about domain appraisals...

★ Interactive web applications - get more value for your online business

Have you ever thought about to increase the customer awareness of your online business and turn more page visits into sales ?

As experienced software developers we plan and realize interactive web applications - solutions to expand your Internet presence, helping you to attract new customers and to build customer loyalty.

Sample projects at a glance:

  • e-commerce solutions matching specific market requirements.
  • Interactive product configuration tools with built-in checkout.
  • Time-saving support tools based upon knowledge databases.
  • Live chat apps to handle pre-sale inquiries and support cases more efficiently.
  • ...

Endless possibilities... what will be your next project ?

★ Spring is coming to town...

... and this is the right time to bring some fresh breeze into your business' marketing strategy - how about a brand-new website ?

Our experienced website designers and developers create impressive business websites, update existing ones and provide you with professional support in all online marketing activities. Anything you need to run a successful web-based business.

Get your own business card website for as less as 290 €* - our offer includes all services, like a custom design matching your corporate identity, programming and content development (creation of texts or proofreading and stylistic editing of your own contents).

Please contact us for details...

* All prices are net (customers from Germany and EU without valid VAT Reg. No. must add 19 % VAT).

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