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STAR Easy Message - SMS text messaging and mobile marketing software

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STAR Easy Message is a provider-independent software for bulk and group messaging solutions using commercial SMS services ("text messaging").

Designed with sales support and mobile marketing campaigns in mind, STAR Easy Message covers a wide range of applications, including business and team communication (e.g. fire departments, rescue and security services).

All you need is your personal computer and access to an SMS gateway account (most push messaging service providers and instant messengers are supported as well).

Highlights at a glance

Provider-independent SMS text messaging software

Since STAR Easy Message is not bound to a specific text messaging provider, you get a future-proof solution (move your business to a new gateway without losing any data or use two different gateways at the same time).

Besides text messaging gateways, STAR Easy Message supports many other communication services like paging systems, fixed network SMS and mobile messaging solutions.

Want to know if your text messaging gateway is compatible ? We will help you...

Impressive feature set for daily business use

STAR Easy Message got anything to make text messaging as easy as possible. Its database supports an unlimited number of profiles and address lists. You can create message templates and access the archive of previously sent campaigns.

In addition, the estimated costs of a messaging campaign will be calculated upfront and you can choose between all set up gateway accounts and routes to select the most cost-effective one.

Do you want to see all features in action ? Just download the shareware release and give STAR Easy Message a try.

Individualized text messaging - unforgettable campaigns

Draw attention and increase response rates by creating individualized text messages with personal data from user profiles. And by inserting text modules based upon conditional statements you match the needs of your target audience more closer.

An easy-to-use coupon code management supports you in all SMS-based advertising and marketing activities. The built-in scheduler lets you automatically send recurring text messages (suited especially for marketing campaigns or event calendars).


Screenshot: STAR Easy Message - SMS text messaging and mobile marketing software

Example illustration; actual software design may vary. Click opens pop-up window.

Documentation and support

A comprehensive user guide is part of the software package.

All software products include unlimited complimentary support by e-mail (incl. prioritized support for 12 months after purchasing a license).

Every license allows access to updates (and new features !) for 12 months.

Interesting facts and how-to articles about STAR Easy Message.

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Free trial. No obligation. Promised !

Download the shareware edition of STAR Easy Message and give our software a try by yourself !

Current release: SEM1991

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