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STAR Device Monitor - downtime monitoring software for websites, network and servers

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STAR Device Monitor is used to continuously monitor websites, web-driven services and apps, server equipment and many other network devices within the LAN and the Internet.

Keep an eye upon your digital business to avoid downtimes and high resulting costs. STAR Device Monitor will help you to detect possible failures at an early stage.

It's easy to work with the intuitive graphical user interface. Set up individual testing procedures and configure notification options for each monitored resource in minutes.

STAR Device Monitor works autonomous and requires no scripts or tracking tools installed on the monitored resources.

Highlights at a glance

Made for non-nerds

We focussed on one task only: Downtime monitoring.

STAR Device Monitor has been developed with freelancers, self-employed, small businesses and system administrators in mind looking for simple failure monitoring of their websites and IT equipment.

Various protocols and connection methods supported

  • TCP (general use; network devices and services, web-based applications)
  • Ping ("heartbeat" of servers, routers, switches, connected PCs and other network devices)
  • HTTP, HTTPS (websites, many other web-based applications)
  • POP3, POP3S (e-mail accounts, incoming messages)
  • SMTP, SMTPS (e-mail accounts, outgoing messages)

Get informed about failures - on your screen, by e-mail or SMS

Get status changes on your computer screen while you are working and receive alert messages by e-mail and SMS (or any other push messaging services). It's also possible to trigger external URLs for initiating various other actions.

Smart security and data protection

Device monitoring means storing sensitive data like usernames and passwords. STAR Device Monitor uses strong encryption algorithms to hide its internal databases from prying eyes. And the password protected user interface restricts access to the software.


Screenshot: STAR Device Monitor - downtime monitoring software for websites, network and servers

Example illustration; actual software design may vary. Click opens pop-up window.

Documentation and support

A comprehensive user guide is part of the software package.

All software products include unlimited complimentary support by e-mail (incl. prioritized support for 12 months after purchasing a license).

Every license allows access to updates (and new features !) for 12 months.

Interesting facts and how-to articles about STAR Device Monitor.

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Free trial. No obligation. Promised !

Download the shareware edition of STAR Device Monitor and give our software a try by yourself !

Current release: SDM1991

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