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STAR Arts & Stuff - your collection management software

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STAR Arts & Stuff is a collection management solution for archiving and cataloging of objects. It has been designed to support almost any kind of collection - real art, antiques, rare, beloved items or just pretty stuff...

Providing a professional feature set, our database system is suited for small museums, galleries, archives and dedicated private collectors who want to record their inventory quickly and reliably.

It takes just a few mouse clicks to create a catalog of your collection or exhibition; STAR Arts & Stuff works as intuitive as possible, making it easy to manage existing objects and to add new items.

Highlights at a glance

Highly intuitive inventory database

The universal database structure works for any kind of collection. It is divided into five main areas helping you to organize your inventory data efficiently - and finally, this makes it easier later to retrieve the information you are looking for.

In case of special requirements, custom fields can be added or existing ones renamed. Advanced features to searching and sorting data will help you to keep the overview about your collection.

Cataloging made easier

  • Entry book, rental/loss lists
  • Multiple list views for the inventory database
  • Category system, parent/child hierarchy of entries
  • Controlled vocabulary with built-in thesaurus
  • Address book
  • Printing of index cards and catalogs
  • Kiosk mode for presentations and digital signage
  • Network-capable, multi-user environment with rights management

It's your decision - set your own workflow: You can take advantage from all features, but you don't have to. Manage your small collection as efficient as large ones... either build a simple inventory list or manage your collection's database with the utmost care.

Media management (multimedia and files)

The built-in media management tool lets you add up to eight entries per inventory record. You may add pictures or even videos of your collectibles, but also compressed archives, text files, PDF documents or any other type of binary file.

Printing of index cards and catalog pages is supported. Inventory data may be exported, so feel free to share data with other apps when desired. Even digital presentations in showrooms on external displays are possible.


STAR Arts & Stuff - your collection management software

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Documentation and support

A comprehensive user guide is part of the software package.

All software products include unlimited complimentary support by e-mail (incl. prioritized support for 12 months after purchasing a license).

Every license allows access to updates (and new features !) for 12 months.

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Current release: SAS1978

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