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Quality content - easy to acquire !

Our content syndication network provides access to our large repository of quality information and entertainment sources, like interesting reports, expressive images and videos as well as descriptive infographics. We offer non-exclusive use licenses for print, web, radio and TV syndication.

It's up to you - our content is available for publication in digital media (like websites and newsletters) and in analog media as well (like magazines and books). We have the matching license for your projects !

Your advantages

  • Professionally produced content, always available "on-demand"
  • Huge time and cost savings through the elimination of own research or editorial works
  • Licensed directly by the author - affordable and absolutely legally secure
  • Fair licensing terms

Our portfolio at a glance

Currently, we offer content syndication services for these sources:

Our offers - fair and transparent...

If you are interested in content syndication, please drop us a line, and we will provide you with an individual, non-binding offer. Just briefly describe the purpose and extent to which you would like to purchase a license for your publication or broadcast.

Licensing fees are calculated based upon the expected audience or other typical indicators (websites: page impressions of the homepage, print: number of copies, radio/TV: number of people the broadcast will reach).

Price example: Text syndication (one article including footage) on a website with approx. 5000 page impressions for 1 month starting at 100 € (net price).

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